But Seriously, I Could Use a Few Winks About Now

They say that there’s no time like the present.  I can dig it.  I’d just like to know what exactly it’s time for.  In this instance, it’s apparently time to put off paying bills and start a blog.

I’ve recently decided that I need to get my life in order if I ever have any hope of succeeding at much of anything.  I’d like to think of myself as intelligent and talented (at what, I’m still figuring out) but I’m also very disorganized.  Within the last week, this has changed, but I’m also notorious for diving head first out of the frying pan and finding myself balls deep in the fire, only to find that I’m burned out a short time later.  In that same vein, this isn’t my first blog.  I’m going to put forth a dedicated effort to make it my last, and hopefully, lasting.

I’m sure that I’ll be covering a variety of topics as the whim hits me. Guitar, girls, organization, academics, dance, writing, electrical work, and sometimes the various details of my life are all certain to be included.

I’m looking forward to this adventure.



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