Game on


I haven’t slept a wink tonight and had about 2 hours last night. The excitement and the packing and the preparing and the saying goodbye to friends (I have incredible friends!) have been keeping me pretty busy.  I’m going to sleep like a baby on the plane.

In an hour and a half I leave for the airport.  Preparing for this trip hasn’t just been packing my carry-on and my backpack- it’s been packing up the rest of my life too.  While I don’t know what this trip has in store for me, I do know what happens when I get back home.

I have less than a week after my return before I leave my beloved Texas to give California a shot.  While this is exciting news, it’s surreal leaving home knowing that returning home means that I’ll be leaving home again.

While I’d like to think that life is always one great big adventure, I feel that I’m facing more opportunities and challenges than I ever have before.  God knows that I’ve been learning tons about both myself and the world around me in the last couple of weeks! I’m both excited and a little nervous, but I’m ready to bring it.

Game on!

P.S. I’ve just started playing around with my iPhone camera.  I’ll be posting pictures routinely (hopefully daily) and would love hear yall’s input and advice.  I’m very much new to this.


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