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My New Office

I woke up this morning in Kona, Hawaii.

Wait- let’s try that again.


I’m at Kealaola Farm, sitting in the common area, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  The hosts, Ken and Barry, are easy going, genuinely nice people, and made me feel at home immediately.  The other WWOOFers here followed suit, and I’m thrilled about the chance to get to know everybody more in the coming weeks!

A cool thing about my timing is that I’m getting in right as all of the old WWOOFers are leaving.  This means that a new crop of adventurers and I will get to learn about farming in a (excuse the pun) more organic way than if we’d been started out under the direction of more experienced volunteers, and likely with more hands on direction from our hosts.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of my new home:

ImageThe common area view from the doorway last night


What happens when you turn 180 degrees in that doorway (taken this morning at 6:00 AM)


My new office assistant 

I’m off to make breakfast and stretch out a little bit.  I hope yall are doing well, and would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on how I could make this most of this adventure!