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Kua Beach


Kua Beach

Today was quite the adventure! We’ve had several, which I hope to cover another time, but today was Kua Beach on the big island of Hawaii.

We don’t have a vehicle readily available here at the farm that I’m WWOOFing at, but we do have a great spot to hitchhike only half a mile up the hill from where we are.  We hitchhike everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Which is okay, because Hawaii is very hitchhiker friendly.  I don’t think that we’ve waited more than 20 minutes for a ride.  Sometimes it takes multiple rides to reach your destination- today’s return trip took 4- but you’ll get there eventually.

Kua beach is a small beach by mainland standards, but one of the larger sandy beaches here on the big island.  It’s relatively busy, but friendly, and while the waves aren’t surfable (they close too quickly and break too close to the shore) the boogie boarding is loads of fun!  A note on boogie boarding: until today I thought it was pretty lame.  Those that can’t do, teach; those can’t surf, boogie board.  Much in the same way that I’ve learned that there are very capable, competent teachers, I learned today that boogie boarding can be hella fun, and pretty extreme.  Did you know that some people friggin stand on up on them when they catch a wave!?

The waves today were pretty big, powerful, and closed hard and quick.  You couldn’t surf it, but it was great fun on the boogie board.  We lined up, chatted, watched the sets, and when we saw the wave coming, everyone lined up and got ready for a rough ride.  Depending on your timing and luck, you either had a good 7 seconds of push and a graceful dismount, or two seconds of rush before doing a 1080 underwater and bouncing off the sand a time or two.  Neither outcome got old.


We left at the perfect time, and made it to the farm in time to watch the sunset.  It was about then that I realized what happens when you combine intense sunlight, a fairly pasty white kid, and several hours at the beach- no matter how much sunscreen you apply and reapply.  I’m a bit burnt.  A bit might be a bit of an understatement.  I’m not going to the hospital with sun poisoning, but I’m red.  I’ve applied aloe, and, after a quick google search, also applied vinegar to all of the unhappy areas.  I’m hoping that it does what it’s supposed to, and I tan instead of peel.  Cross your fingers for me, please!

I’ve got a few online courses to take care of now.  I’ve been putting them off all week.

Do yall have any tricks or tips for dealing with sunburns? Leave me a comment and let me know!