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Hidden Prices


Our hero in his natural habitat

I mentioned in an older post how happy I was to find a cheap ticket to Hawaii, and just how easy it was to find them.  The ticket never got more expensive, but the travel costs increased a little more than initially intended.

For starters, there’s luggage fees.  I was prepared for these, but it’s worth keeping in mind when pricing out tickets whether or not you’ll be paying to check a bag.  In my case, checking my backpack cost me an extra $25.

Next is food.  I went to the airport entirely unprepared for long distance travel.  I expected that I’d be getting a meal if nothing else on my flight from California to Hawaii.  Sure- as long as paid a pretty solid chunk of change.  I should have looking in to this, and I should have brought snackage anyway.  Also, I’d forgotten just how expensive airport food is! I probably should have loaded up on a large breakfast as well. Instead, I spent $14 on cashews and beef jerky, and then, my stomach empty and crying after the long flight, I went to the airport bar and spent $28 on beer and a burger.

I’d like to think that I’m pretty good about eating healthy.  I also know that I’m awful about it when I’m starving.  Next time I travel, I’ll be prepared.

Are there any hidden costs to traveling that yall’ve found, and any tricks around them?